Review of Light My Fire meal kit

In the middle of September I was attending the Outdoor Academy of Sweden. This is a cooperation between the Swedish Tourist Board and the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, which itself is a cooperation between the Swedish outdoor brands.

The Outdoor Academy is meant to show what Sweden has to offer the outdoor enthusiast in terms of outdoor destinations and equipment.

One of the equipment items we got a chance to try out was a meal kit from Light My Fire.

The meal kit consists of two triangular plates, one spork, one cutting board, two storage containers and foldable mug. It’s all held together with a small harness.

The whole kit is dishwasher proof and microwave safe and they float.

The triangular plates form the lid and bottom of a container to store everything inside, which makes it very portable and easy to transport.

One of the plates (the bottom) is a little deeper and can be used as a bowl for soup or milk and cereals etc.

The spork is a utensil that combines a spoon, knife and fork in one. In theory, it means you can bring only one utensil instead of three. The spoon and fork are great; the cutting edge that is supposed to be instead of a knife isn’t brilliant, but often when outdoors you bring a sharp knife for cutting things anyway.

The triangular cutting board also has a few holes to be enable it to be used as a draining tool, so also this has dual use. It works very well as a cutting board. However, to use it for draining is more difficult and requires a bit of practice. You need to be careful not to release the pressure on the board so the food falls out with the water and also be careful not to get steam from the hot water on the hand holding the draining/cutting board. But once you get the technique, it works fine.

Moving on to the mug. The mug has one rigid part and one foldable part, so it can fold together and fit inside the container. It’s a good way to have a reasonable-sized mug and still fit inside. However, when using the mug for hot drinks you have to be careful when closing the lid, as the bottom part folds up if you put too much pressure on it. It’s easy to press to close the lid and then press so the mug crumples and the hot liquid spurts out of the top – a potential scalding hazard. Also, as the bottom part isn’t rigid it isn’t so stable to stand by itself, so be careful you don’t tip it over.

The last thing included is two storage containers, brilliant for snacks like nuts and raisins etc.

The Light My Fire meal kit comes in a range of colours, so everyone can have their own in their favourite colours. The different parts in each kit are all in the same colour.

All in all it’s a very useful meal kit – easy to take with you and very durable. It packs up small and is fairly lightweight and you don’t have to take the whole kit – you can just to bring a spork, a mug and the plates if you wish.

To sum it up, I like it and would recommend it to anyone!

Best regards

Sofia from the Nature Travels Team

Mealkits are ideal for use on many of our outdoor experiences in Sweden, particularly summer adventures such as self-guided canoeing.