Where to go for an early season canoe or kayak tour

Nature is waking up after a long sleep and bursts of colour are starting to appear! As we all get excited that the days are getting little longer and spring is on the horizon, it’s time to start planning our paddling adventures for this year.

There are many reasons to love spring – baby animals and flowers start to appear (who doesn’t smile when they see a daffodil?) and you can play outside without your winter coat, but the first time out on the water is usually a highlight.

Photo: Sofia Nature Travels
Photo: Sofia Nature Travels

It’s certainly too chilly to get out on the water in the Nordic countries just yet, but many of our canoe and kayak tours are available as early as 1st May (such Canoeing in Dalsland’s Lake District). Travelling early in the paddling season can make some of the most popular spots feel like you’re in your own special world and are ideal for an escape into the wild.

Photo: Niki Nature Travels

Another added bonus is that you’re likely to encounter fewer mosquitoes/midges doing a tour at this time. Read our blog article on mosquitoes for more information.

But make sure you’re prepared for cooler temperatures – take a few extra layers and a woolly jumper, as the evenings can get quite nippy and the water hasn’t had a chance to heat up yet, so you may want to keep your swims to a quick dip for a morning wake up!

Photo: Stephen Le Beau

For sea kayaking, if you’re an inexperienced paddler, we’d recommend you wait a little longer before getting out onto the water until the more popular period of late June-mid August.

Photo: Sofia Nature Travels
Photo: Sofia Nature Travels

Take a look at our range of canoe and kayak tours for some inspiration. We even have a couple where you can have a choice, such as Kayaking or Canoeing in the Åre Mountains (Sweden) and Canoe or Kayak in Linnansaari National Park (Finland).

If you’re not quite ready to put winter to bed, some of our dogsled tours are available until late April (or May for our Midnight Sun Dog Sledding in Svalbard!).