Five Winter Holiday Ideas for a Solo Traveller

Travelling as a Solo Traveller can be lonely at times. However, joining an active outdoor holiday can be the solution, sharing experiences together with others will automatically give you something in common. We don’t offer groups exclusively for solo travellers, but joining one of our guided outdoor tours gives you a great chance of meeting people with shared interests and a similar outlook on life!

Here are five ideas for this winter season:

Arctic Circle Dog Sledding in Tornedalen (Sweden)

Drive your own dogsled on a husky adventure with great chances to see the Northern Lights! Enjoy the feeling of travelling through the winter landscape together with your team of dogs. You can choose to go for 4 days, 5 days or 8 days. Everyone on the tour will work together, helping with tasks around the cabins such as fetching water, chopping wood, taking care of the dogs etc. No previous dog sledding experience is required.

  • Location: Luleå (northern Sweden), night train or domestic flight from Stockholm
  • Accommodation: Wilderness cabins
  • Landscape: Forest/frozen lakes
  • Challenge level: Medium
  • Price: From £736/person
  • Dates/period: Jan-Apr, 4-8 days

Cross Country Skiing in Eastern Finland (Finland)

Meet the locals in the region of North Karelia, which borders Russia in the east of Finland, and enjoy local delicacies on this is multi-day ski tour led by a local guide, with accommodation in guest houses and luggage transfer. For this experience, you should have some previous cross country skiing experience. If you have less experience, but a suitable level of fitness, you may also join the tour provided you arrive at least two days early to practise in the local area before beginning the tour.

  • Location: Nurmes (eastern Finland), 1 hour by domestic flight or 7 hours by train from Helsinki.
  • Accommodation: Guest houses along the route
  • Landscape: Lowland forest/tracks
  • Experience needed: Competent downhill skier with off-piste experience. No summit touring exp. required. Good level of fitness.
  • Challenge level: Medium
  • Price: From £1065/person
  • Dates/period: Feb-Mar, 8 days/7 nights
Photo: AKA

Discover Mountain Ski Touring in Lapland (Sweden)

Do you have some previous experience of cross-country skiing and/or downhill skiing, but have never done a mountain tour? Then this tour is for you. You’ll have the chance to improve your ski technique and practise with windsacks, snow shovels and climbing skins and at the end ski with a full pack.

  • Location: Gällivare (northern Sweden), night train from Stockholm.
  • Guided or self-guided: Guided
  • Accommodation: Mountain station and mountain cabin
  • Landscape: Rolling mountains
  • Experience needed: Previous cross country and/or downhill. No touring experience required.
  • Challenge level: Medium
  • Price: From £765/person
  • Dates/period: Mar-Apr, 7 days/6 nights
Photo: Maurice Strubel

Ice Skating on Natural Ice (Sweden)

Ice skating on lakes and archipelago waters is a magical feeling, like floating on water. Conditions can often be mirror-like and snow-free. For this experience, you can choose between Novice tours and more Experienced tours. For Novice tours, some previous skating experience (e.g. rink skating or rollerblades) is required.

  • Location: Stockholm (east Sweden) for transfer to skating location (exact location varies depending on best ice conditions)
  • Accommodation: Hostel accommodation
  • Landscape: Frozen lakes
  • Challenge level: Medium
  • Price: From £613/person
  • Dates/period: Jan-Mar, 4 days/3 nights


Photo: Beat Kilcher

Snowshoeing in the Hossa Nature Park (Finland)

Do you enjoy hiking and trekking in the summertime? Then this is the winter experience for you. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person’s feet do not sink completely into the snow. Snowshoeing is a form of winter hiking. You’ll be hiking in Hossa Nature Park between cabins with luggage transfers. No previous snowshoeing experience is required, but you should enjoy the outdoors and have a reasonable level of fitness.

  • Location: Kuusamo (northern Finland), domestic flight from Helsinki or night train + bus from Oulu.
  • Accommodation: Traditionally-built log cabin and wilderness cabin
  • Challenge level: Medium
  • Price: £788/person (+ snowshoe/poles hire €40)
  • Dates/period: Jan-Mar, 7 days/6 nights
Photo: UT

We look forward to welcoming you on a winter adventure in the Nordic countries!