Autumn Visit to the Forest Farm

In September 2016, Sofia from the Nature Travels team paid an autumn visit to the Forest Farm in Hälsingland, the setting for our Discover Bushcraft for Families and Winter Wonderland on a Forest Farm experiences

A few years had passed since I had been here last, but driving on the gravel roads in the forest, I had the same feeling as last time I’d driven this way: “Can it really be this far on these gravel roads? Have I taken a wrong turn somewhere?”

But then, just when I thought I should turn back, I saw a sign on a stone in front of me saying,”You’re almost there!!!”And it was right! After just a little bit more driving, I came around the bend and there were the red buildings up the little slope.


Directly, when stepping out of the car, the quietness hits you. You hear nothing but the sounds of the forest.  I was only going to be able to spend one night at the farm and I was already starting to regret the shortness of my stay!

The Forest Farm is a small holding  situated in the middle of the Hälsingland forest. The owners, Lasse and Åsa, have found their dream life here in the forest, living in close connection with nature and getting a lot of their food from the surrounding area.

They share their life on the farm together with their horse, Lloyden, who helps with the work around the farm – if it’s not the autumn harvest, that means transporting logs, or horse and sleigh rides in the wintertime.

On the farm you also find the ram, Helmer, and his ewess, the two dogs, Stig Henry and Gösta, two cats, Moberg and Strindberg, and not to forget the hens that will produce your breakfasts eggs!

The food served on the farm is cooked from local and organic ingredients and Åsa is great chef who has no problem catering for different dietary requirements – pescetarian, vegan, gluten- or dairy-free are all arranged with a smile!

During my stay, we cooked and at around the fire and I must say the vegan chilli was yummy! And enjoying it outdoors was even better!

Åsa really likes “up-cycling” and all over the farm, you can see how she has given all kinds of things a new life!

The nexts morning,  Åsa and I took a stroll down to the lake. It’s a 600m walk down a forest path from the farm and it’s so beautiful and peaceful there. I was so wishing I could spend the whole day, maybe having a lunch cooked over an open fire, but duty called and I had to continue on my travels.

Like last time, I drove away with the feeling that one night is much too short a time to spend here. You need at least three to be able to relax into the get-away-from-it-all feeling that this place so uniquely offers. But I’ll be back soon, that’s for sure!

Best regards

Sofia from the Nature Travels team