Kayaking in Bohuslän, Sweden

Julian Rohn 1
Photo: Julian Rohn

Bohuslän county, on the west coast of Sweden, is perfect for sea kayaking. Few places offer waters that are so suitable for paddling as Bohuslän and with its unique, smooth granite cliffs and thousands of islands, it’s a wonderful experience to paddle here.

You can go ashore on the islands and spend the night in the tent you brought with you, as long as you do not interfere with the environment and follow the local guidelines of the Right of Public Access (see http://www.swedishepa.se/Enjoying-nature/The-Right-of-Public-Access/This-is-allowed/). The opportunity to experience quiet solitude and camp where there are no other people is a wonderfully relaxing experience. However, protected areas such and bird sanctuaries are off limits.

Bohuslän is a beautiful location with its thousands of islands. Kayaking on a quiet morning can be paradise, paddling through calm water in the summer dawn’s pale pink light – or in the evening, seeing the unbroken horizon and the big orange yellow evening sun slowly sink into the Skagerrak .

The soft smooth rocks of this area are ideal for sunbathing on lazy summer days and if you get too warm, enjoy the feeling of a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Julian Rohn 3.jpg
Photo: Julian Rohn

For more experienced paddlers, a tip is to make the most of the peace and nature during the long periods before and after the peak summer season – this time is amazing in Bohuslän. It’s always nice to paddle in the archipelago in spring (April-June) when nature is green and the birdlife is awakening. This is a very sensitive time in nature and it’s important to take care not to disturb breeding wildlife, but with consideration and planning as well as a good pair of binoculars both humans and wildlife can enjoy this period. Recommended! Note however that at this time, the water is also colder and it’s important to have more kayak experience/knowledge when paddling at this time of year.

The Bohuslän archipelago offers the joy of paddling, wonderful nature experiences and a sense of freedom and simplicity.

Please see the following tours offering sea kayaking in this area.

Sea Kayak Tour with Skills Course in West Sweden
Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohuslän


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