My stay at the Wilderness Camp.

In May 2015, Sofia from the Nature Travels team travelled to the provinces of Bohuslän  in West Sweden and visits the Wilderness Camp in Bohuslän .

I drive slowly up the hill on the small gravel road and I’m wondering if I really took the right turn, but then I see another sign that leads me onto an even smaller gravel road with grass growing in the middle. Then I’m there! I park on the small grass with a sign saying “parking”. I step out of the car and walk up to the small building with a big sign saying “reception”. There’s no one there, I look up towards the traditional red and white Swedish cottage I can see, which I assume is my host’s home and there I see him coming out onto the porch with a big smile.

Toilett 7

Mats takes me into the reception cabin and give me maps of hiking trails in the area, a layout of the camp and other essential information. He also gives me the bedding and towels I’ve arranged. We then walk down to the camp together. When we’re closing up to the camp we pass the loos. There’s one composting toilet for when you need to sit down and one “men’s room” for those who want to stand. I’m very used to the Swedish style outdoor toilet, but this one gets high marks even in my book. It has a radiator and electric lights, it consists of two rooms one private area and one room for hand washing etc. and because it has a system where it separates the urine, it doesn’t smell at all.

DSCF8260Anyway, soon after that we reach the main area of the camp. It’s not big, it’s actually a lot cosier than I expected and from my impression from photos. There are six small accommodation buildings with two beds in each, and in the evening sun, they look like they’re standing to attention in their neat row. In the middle of the area is a hut for socialising. Inside there are tables and benches along the walls and in the middle an old iron stove that gives out a pleasant warmth.

Mats also shows me the kitchen hut, shower room, the sauna by the stream and the smoke house were you can have barbecues. There’s a relaxing “away from it all” feeling over the whole place. I thank Mats for showing me around and head for my little cabin, I’m staying in cabin number one. I make myself at home and think “This is nice!”

DSCF8222The camp is quite empty – at the time of my stay it’s only me and one other couple staying at the time – but I can never imagine it as feeling crowded. There are only 12 beds.

I spend a very nice evening enjoying dinner and reading my book on the porch outside my little cabin. I also go for a stroll in the forest up to a viewpoint. It’s a long time since I follow such clearly-marked trails, with the little map Mats has given me combined with the markings it’s an easy walk with no chance of getting lost. When I come back, I try out the shower and toilet facilities, but skip the sauna this time.

When it is time to leave the next day I really wish I was staying longer. I feel real at peace and feel like I had a break from modern life for a while. But I must move on and off I drive soon back with in the civilisation, but with a calmness inside and a smile on my face.