Time to loot the Christmas tree!

Julgransplundring – “Christmas tree looting” is a tradition in Sweden that happens 20 days after Christmas, that is 13th January. Julgransplundring is traditionally when you “undress” and “throw out” Advent and Christmas decorations.

In connection to this, especially if you have younger children, you often arrange a small celebration. You dance around the Christmas tree and play various games: demolition/eating of gingerbread houses, raffle and opening filled Christma
s crackers (in Sweden you make your Christmas crackers yourself, fill them with candy and hang on the Christmas tree).

This happens both in people’s homes and daycare centres, schools and sports clubs.

The tradition has its origin from when originally you hung goodies, apples and snacks in the tree. The decorations were simpler then and you did many of the decorations yourself. So you raided the Christmas tree of goodies, and ate them up!

Once you’ve plundered the Christmas tree of goodies, you throw the Christmas tree out! It’s seen as an end of the long month of celebration which starts with First Advent and includes the Advent period, Lucia, Christmas and New Year.

So you loot the Christmas tree and throw Christmas out of the house! Until next year……