Late summer getaway ideas for a holiday in Sweden

Need something to take your mind off the British rain and cheer yourself up?  How about booking one of our experiences in Sweden for late August or early September before it’s time to start the school term?

Photo: Kate Bohn

The latter part of August is often a lovely time to be in Sweden – as the Swedish schools start back around the 3rd week of August, it’s an exceptionally quiet period to visit, with temperatures normally still  feeling summery and the waters of the lakes and archipelagos at their warmest for swimming, having had the whole summer to hear up!

We’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from:

What about taking the children on a self-guided canoe trip down the Klarälven river? Our Canoe Tour on Klarälven is the perfect family adventure. The Klarälven is a wide, meandering river which flows at a stately 2km per hour – a wonderful way to experience the beautiful landscape of rural Sweden and watch the world go by!  Accommodation is wild camping so you can spend your nights round the camp fire cooking the fish you have caught along the way.  There’s plenty of time for exploring the area and going on day hikes etc.  What better way for the kids to experience the outdoors!

We also have a wide range of other canoe tours suitable for different levels of experience. If you are looking for a “lads’ trip” away from the kids and are happy with a challenge, how about Discover Wilderness Canoeing in Rogen, which is suitable for those comfortable with travelling independently in a remote wilderness environment.  It’s a real get-away-from-it-all experience. If you’re not sure which tour is right for you, read this article comparing our different canoe tours in Sweden (and Finland!).

Photo: John Hartshorn

For families with older children who are into their cycling and paddling, try our Hike, Bike & Paddle Stockholm’s Lakes & Islands experience.  It gives you the chance to explore the clear lakes, cool forests and shimmering islands of Stockholm with comfortable overnight accommodation along the way.

We also have a number of log cabin holidays to choose from – such as Back to Basics in Cosy Cabin,s where you stay in a grass-roofed cabin in a secluded forest location, there’s no electricity and cooking is over an open fire.  The children can bathe in the cool clear lakes and drink ice-cold water from the well.  There’s even a tree house called the ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ that’s suitable for couples – a romantic getaway with a difference with the other half?

Photo: Ben Irons

If you like things a bit more advanced and up-to-date, then one of our log cabins in the beautiful area of Värmland could be just the thing your looking for.  With a sauna and your own boat included as standard,you can explore the area by day and relax by night.

So let’s not be beaten by the weather, make some plans to enjoy the later part of the summer with a visit to Sweden – there’s something for everyone!  We can’t promise perfect weather but we can promise something different. We’re here to help if you have any questions…

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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