Olympic Escapes: Escape the Olympics with a Holiday in Sweden

Are the Olympics not really your thing?  Not got tickets and not enthralled with the prospect of watching it on the TV?  Just not interested in sport?  Or do you want to get away from the hordes that will be arriving in the UK between 27th July – 12th August?  Then get away from it all…

How about a break in Sweden?  Do something different, where the only flame you’ll see is the flicker of your campfire and the only thing to compete for is who gets the last marshmallow!  Can you imagine the peace and tranquility of being in a canoe in the middle of the wilderness with just the wildlife and your fellow like-minded adventurers for company? – try one of our canoe tours, with a wide range of tours available for both adults and families for both novice canoeists and experienced paddlers, there’s one to suit everyone. With tours running in cultural, rural, remote and wilderness areas, the hard bit will be choosing.

Photo: Euan Turner DMh Photo

Or, for the Huckleberry Finn in you – how about a timber rafting trip! Build your own raft using nothing but ropes and logs and drift down the river for 5 or 8 days, camping wild along the riverbank.

Photo: Euan Turner DMh Photo

What about swapping your four walls in the UK for four very different walls in Sweden? – we’ve got various types of options for a log cabin holiday, from traditional forest cabins (where you can even stay in a tree house) to more luxurious styles (some even have satellite TV if you happen to want to take a peek at what’s going on).  Or how about staying in a traditional tipi where those loads of exciting activities to book? There really is a great choice, with options to suit couples, families, or larger groups of friends travelling together.

Photo: Kate Bohn

We also have various sea kayaking tours (both guided and non-guided) from 1 – 7 days.  After a peaceful day’s paddling in some of the beautiful archipelago areas in Sweden, imagine pulling your kayak up onto your own private island for an overnight stay.

Photo: Sofia Carter Nature Travels

There’s also bushcraft, or how about a guided tour to listen for the wild wolves? – there really is something for everyone.

Photo: John Hartshorn

So, what are you waiting for? If you would like nothing more than to be away from the Olympics, then Sweden has just what you’re looking for – more in fact!

Happy travelling!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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