Nature Travels publishes results of 10:10 C02 initiative

During 2010 and 2011, Nature Travels was proud to participate in the 10:10 project, a global initiative to encourage both individuals and organisations to cut their C02 emissions by at least 10%.

The goal of the 10:10 project is for participants to achieve a minimum 10% reduction in C02 emissions relative to turnover during the target year compared to the baseline year.

The parameters of 10:10 allow for C02 emissions to be relative to turnover because there is the understanding that as a company expands with increased infrastructure, etc, there may be a corresponding increase in emissions. Conversely, if a company downsizes, a corresponding decrease in emissions could fairly be expected without any positive action to reduce emissions being taken.

Since using resources responsibly and minimising waste has been at the heart of Nature Travels’ approach from the very beginning, we always knew it was going to be difficult to achieve further reductions. Our hope was to be able to streamline certain procedures to reduce the most high-emitting activities, in particular planning itineraries carefully to reduce the number of flights to Sweden required to visit our local partners and research new products for our portfolio.

The results are now in. So how did we do? As you’ll see, there are some things we’re very pleased about, but also other areas where we feel we can still make improvements.

Company growth vs C02 emissions:

During our target year 24 June 2010-24th June 2011, we are delighted to report that our total sales for holidays in Sweden increased by 55% during this period, more than double what we had projected, compared to the baseline year 24th June 2009-24th June 2010.

In terms of absolute C02 emissions, these unfortunately increased from a total of 3,042 kg during our baseline year to 3,635kg during our target year, an increase of 19%.

Taking this into consideration, while our emissions rose by 19%, the sales generated from these activities rose by 55% during the same period, representing a comparative decrease of C02 emissions relative to turnover.

We are very pleased that we were able to accomplish significant growth as a company with a relatively modest increase in emission levels. However, we would of course have preferred to have been able to report that our C02 emission levels had remained static or decreased.


We have examined our data collected during the period and have identified the following factors contributing to our rise in emissions levels during this period:

  • Nature Travels took on additional staff during the second part of the target period. This of course led to additional computer and related peripheral equipment use in the Nature Travels office, resulting in an increase in total energy consumption.
  • The winter of the target year 2010/2011 was unusually cold, leading to increased energy consumed in heating the Nature Travels office during this period.
  • Our significant growth during this period necessitated some additional flights to Sweden to maintain our close relationship with our local providers and to research new products for our portfolio. Nevertheless, we were reasonably pleased that we were able to accomplish this with just one additional short-haul and one additional domestic flight (within Sweden) relative to our baseline year.
  • In some cases, exceptional circumstances led to unexpected private vehicle use during the target year where public transport would normally have been used. Examples of this include needing to travel to Heathrow airport by car rather than by public transport as normal when no suitable connections were available, and travelling to a remote location which could not be reached by public transport where the Nature Travels team attended a Wilderness First Aid training course.

We have found our participation in the 10:10 project both enormously helpful and very enjoyable – being part of a community all committed to the same goal has been very motivating.

We recognise that we at Nature Travels need to be continually striving to maintain and improve our environmental performance and to stabilise or reduce our C02 emissions as a company, even as we continue to grow.

Plans for the future:

While 10:10 originally stood for “reduce emissions by 10% in 2010”, the commitment to emissions reduction and sustainable management is of course an ongoing one. The momentum achieved by the project is being carried forward and the movement is very much still active.

Nature Travels will continue to be a part of the 10:10 initiative. Moving forward, we have identified the following main areas we would like to focus on:

  • Efficient planning of essential trips to Sweden to visit local partners and research new products, always with a view to gaining the maximum benefit from each flight and avoiding multiple trips at short intervals wherever possible.
  • We are currently looking at improving insulation at the Nature Travels offices to increase our energy efficiency and reduce energy used for heating.

For more information on 10:10, see

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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