Stag Weekends in the Great Swedish Outdoors

This is a guest article submitted to us by Ruben Corbo, a writer for several websites such as Red Seven Leisure, which is the best man’s choice in providing the best service for planning your stag weekends and more. When Ruben is not writing he is composing or producing music for short films and other visual arts.

NB: Please note that Nature Travels specialises exclusively in ecotourism activities. Many of our outdoor experiences in Sweden, including dog sledding, canoeing and hiking, are ideal for active stag trips. However, we do not offer some of the alternative activities outlined below such as snowmobiling and heli-skiing.

Sweden is the perfect place for memorable stag weekends. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy such as skiing and hiking. Get all the guys together for an exciting weekend. A weekend in Sweden is a fabulous way to have fun with friends, say goodbye to bachelor-hood and look forward to an upcoming wedding.


With around 200 ski resorts to choose from it is easy to see why so many people choose Sweden for their skiing. From cross-country skiing to skiing on ice, there are skiing opportunities for all levels. Ski on Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, cross country in Höglekardalen or try one of Sweden’s snow parks such as the Åre Ski Resort where jumps and jibs are the name of the game. Other fabulous bachelor party activities to try include snowboarding, dog-sledding and heli-skiing.


If fishing is more along the lines of what you and the guys were thinking about then Sweden is the place to go. With around 100,000 lakes in the country it is hard not to catch something. Just some of Sweden’s fish species are perch, pike, zander, trout, salmon and grayling. Fly fishing is more and more popular in Sweden due to the diversity of fish, clean waters and the myriad of great fishing waters. Whether your choice is lake fishing, river fishing or coastline fishing, Sweden is a good bet. Sweden even has game fishing right in the middle of Stockholm for those who would rather stay closer to civilization.


Sweden is a hiker’s paradise. There are so many places to trek in Sweden that choosing will be the hardest part. Choose from many fabulous places including the King’s Trail in Abisko National Park, Sarek National Park, Sweden’s lowlands and mountain hiking.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is definitely a memorable bachelor party weekend. Imagine standing in front of a wall of ice and being expected to climb it. That is just what you and your friends will do on an ice climbing expedition on Kebnekaise Mountain. Instructors teach guests climbing techniques, the proper way to use ice climbing equipment and how to scale an ice wall in this exhilarating adventure. Climb a Swedish wall of ice and be back in time to relax in a hot sauna that evening.

There are so many choices when it comes to stag weekends in Sweden. Gone are the days of old where a stag party meant one night with friends. Take a whole weekend to enjoy being with bachelor friends, experiencing wild adventures such as one of the ones mentioned or something else like snowmobiling or trip skating on frozen water. A bachelor party should be remembered for a lifetime. With an outdoor adventure in Sweden it will be.


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