Outdoor gadgets with that certain extra

When you go camping in the wilderness there are a lot of things you have to take with you to make your time as enjoyable as possible. The standard packing list includes things like tents, sleeping bags, clothes for all weather conditions, camping stoves, torches and much more. But I’m sure every one of us has those little items and gadgets that you always take with you even though you might not really need them.

Photo: Jonathan Lamb

We have found some outdoor gadgets that have that certain something, which could make your trip to the outdoors even more exciting, but that you can easily leave at home if your backpack is already crammed.

Metal detecting sandals

Who has not dreamt of finding a treasure chest filled with jewels and gold as a child? With these sandals it’s as easy as going for a stroll to detect hidden objects beneath your feet. You don’t have to carry around a conventional bulky metal detector so everybody knows what you’re up to anymore. Now you can just pretend to go for a walk and, with some luck, at the same time discover long lost treasures in the ground. Well, wouldn’t it be great to leave home for a camping trip and return with a pot of gold?


MP3 Sunglasses

Hiking, cycling, inline skating or jogging is so much more fun if you have some music with you that encourages you to go on. But listening to music with a MP3-player using standard headphones can be pretty annoying because with every step you tear the wires and pull the plugs out of your ears. So why not get a pair of sunglasses which you can use to listen to your favourite tunes at the same time? The player and earplugs are simply attached to the arms of the glasses and give you the freedom to move wherever and however you want to without missing out on your favourite songs.


Waterproof notebook

When being outdoors you can discover amazing wildlife, stunning landscapes, incredible vegetation and so much more. To capture every moment of your trip you can use photo and video cameras or you can simply write down your impressions in a diary. But what happens when the weather doesn’t play along and all your stuff is soaked? With this completely waterproof notebook your thoughts and memories will still be preserved even if you stumble into a shower of rain or you drop your notes into the lake you’re paddling on.



Is there a better way to end a day of hiking, canoeing or kayaking than with a nice campfire and some grilled sausages? We don’t think so either! Normally you would take out your Trangia stove, put it together, fry the sausages on the included pan and have a lot of work with cleaning the stove afterwards. With the Grilliput it’s much simpler, because you can put it over any small campfire and, thanks to a cleaning groove, it’s neat and clean in only a few minutes. The best thing is that, when folded together, it’s only the size of a large cigar and can easily be put in your backpack.


Inflatable fruit cases

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – following a balanced nutritional diet is not just vital in your everyday life, but especially important when you’re outdoors and doing sports like canoeing, hiking or kayaking. Taking fruit on your camping trips can be an unpleasant experience because you can’t store fruit properly and your apples and bananas get pressure marks quite quickly. These funny inflatable fruit cases will protect your healthy treats from dark marks and your backpack from being soaked in freshly squeezed juice. Just make sure that your fruity snacks don’t float away when you’re enjoying a stopping along a river or lake.


Shit Box

Being outdoors often means that there are no proper showers or toilet facilities available. Some of you might say that this is an essential part of an authentic camping experience, but others might prefer to bring this “special gadget” to relieve themselves in the wilderness. This reusable portable toilet is easy to pack and helps you to preserve your dignity on your outdoor trip. It even comes in different designs and sizes so every family member can have their own individual “shit box”.


Essential, superfluous, irreverent, or just plain silly – as an outdoor enthusiast you are never short of new kit to buy! We hope the above suggestions inspire you to explore the full range of possibilities when packing for your next trip!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

Nature Travels offers a wide range of options for summer holidays in Sweden, many of which feature wild camping. From canoeing and kayak tours to timber rafting, log cabins, hiking and bushcraft holidays, Sweden is a vast outdoor playground for the outdoor enthusiast.

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