Sweden in Summer – A Paradise For Active Family Holidays

Sweden is a wonderful choice for a summer family holiday – with its endless quiet, deep forests, clear waters and fresh air, Sweden provides an ideal environment in which to let your children experience the freedom and adventure of the outdoors.

What’s more, Sweden is very affordable for families travelling by public transport – you will find that even older children pay heavily reduced fares or may even travel free of charge on trains and buses.

Nature Travels offers a wide range of summer holidays for active families, whether you are looking for the challenge of a self-guided tour, the variety of a multi-activity holiday or the flexibility of a log cabin. Whatever your preference, if you enjoy the outdoors, you should find something in the suggestions below to inspire you for your next family adventure!

Family Bushcraft Holidays

There is something about learning and practising bushcraft skills which fascinates children of all ages, from the youngest adventurer to the most world-weary adolescent. Our family bushcraft holidays are guided adventures led by experienced local guide, taking you and your family out into the wilderness for 5 days of discovery on land and water. Along the way you will learn skills such as how to prepare food over open fire, how to build a shelter, how to navigate and identify some of the tracks and signs left by the rich wildlife of the area.

Learning bushcraft is not only a hugely enjoyable activity for children, but furnishes them with essential life skills – teaching and encouraging them to be responsible and independent and to handle fire and tools appropriately and with respect. And you’ll find that the parents enjoy themselves at least as much as the kids!

Self-guided canoeing

For families who love the freedom of wild camping and the thrill of making their own adventure, self-guided canoeing is the ideal choice. Canoe holidays are also extremely affordable, making them an excellent option for families on a budget.

We offer a wide range of multi-day canoe tours to choose from suitable for families with children of all ages, from gentle paddle tours through attractive rural areas with the chance to stop off along the way at local village stores to take a break and enjoy an ice cream, to more challenging wilderness tours which are nevertheless very accessible to active families who enjoy nature. All tours feature wild camping and the opportunity to go fishing for your supper – another great way to bond with the kids!

Timber rafting

There are few images which conjure up the adventure and freedom of a summer holiday on the river better than idea of floating downstream on your very own log raft! Ideal for Huckleberry Finn fans and for families who enjoy working together, timber rafting is a unique experience, a self-guided voyage down the meandering river Klarälven over 5 or 8 days, camping wild on the riverbank along the way.

Timber rafting is a marvellous exercise in teamwork, and great for encouraging reluctant teenagers to lend a hand! It’s more of a challenge than you might think – you will be constructing your own raft using only logs fastened together with rope, and on your voyage downstream you will need to plan ahead to negotiate twists and turns in the river, sandbanks and overhanging branches, and be on your toes when it’s time to make land! But timber rafting offers a wonderful mix of adventure and relaxation, as the river seduces you with its stately progress and the forest lulls you into daydreams – you’ll have time to sit and watch the world go by, but watch out for that sandbar – whoops, you’re grounded!

Family Multi-activity Holidays

Do you have the kind of children that want to try everything (or are you that kind of person yourself?) If so, then a multi-activity holiday could be the ideal solution for your next summer family adventure.

The advantages of multi-activity holidays are many:

  • if your family has different interests or levels of ability, a multi-activity holiday allows you to offer something for everyone
  • there is always something new going on, meaning you’re very unlikely to hear that plaintive cry, “Mum, I’m bored”
  • if you’re not sure what kind of outdoor holiday is for you, multi-activity holidays can be a great way to try out different activities to find what suits you best – try a one-day timber rafting tour this year, and you may well be back for a week’s rafting adventure next year!

With options from tipi holidays in the south west of Sweden to midnight sun adventures in the far north, you should find a multi-activity option to suit you.

Summer Log Cabins and Farmstays

If you enjoy the flexibility of self-catering combined with the convenience of a fixed cabin base and the chance to “do your own thing”, a log cabin is the ideal choice for an active family holiday in Sweden. Ideal for families with a range of interests, log cabins give you the freedom to be as active (or as lazy!) as you wish. Let Dad go off for a canoe tour with the children while you relax and enjoy the view, or Mum can lead an expedition into the forest looking for mushrooms while you go fishing on the lake!

For those with an interest in food and tradition and who are looking for the kind of idyllic childhood summer experience to be found in Pippi Longstocking books or half-remembered from your own childhood summers, our Discover Bushcraft for Families will take you and your family back in time to the sights, sounds and smells of a simpler, quieter world: birdsong, summer flowers and the aroma of fresh-baked farmhouse bread.

You can also browse additional suggestions for family holidays in Sweden here, with a range of options in both summer and winter. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Sweden!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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