Wilderness Canoeing in Sweden – Rogen

Looking for a real challenge for your next canoeing holiday? The Rogen Nature Reserve, in north-west Sweden near the border with Norway, may well offer the ideal setting for your next paddle adventure.

Rogen is an area of total wilderness – with no roads, no infrastructure and limited access. This makes the area a paradise for wilderness canoeing, but also means that in order to paddle here you must be in good shape and have experience of travelling independently in remote areas.

As a result of requests from clients for a greater range of options for wilderness canoeing in Sweden, we have now added two flexible tours in Rogen to our portfolio. These complement our existing five options for self-guided canoe tours in Värmland in the west of Sweden and offer the ideal “next step” for those looking for the next canoeing adventure. As with our other canoe tours, accommodation is wild camping along the route – the distance  you cover each day and where you choose to pitch camp for the night are entirely up to you!

The most accessible option Discover Wilderness Canoeing in Rogen. As a circular tour with drop-off and pick-up at the same point, there is no requirement to cover a particular distance or reach a particular point, and for this reason this option is ideal for canoeists who have suitable outdoor experience but have not paddled in such a remote area before. This tour gives you a great deal of flexibility, with durations normally 4-8 days but with the possibility to extend your tour with additional days to spend as long as you wish in the wilderness. There is excellent fishing to be had and also wonderful hiking tours if you wish to leave your canoes for a while and explore on foot.

For the intrepid, Rogen Wilderness Canoe Expedition is the longer and more challenging option, taking you across the border into Norway into Femundsmarka with a choice of two pick-up points on the other side. For this tour you will require at least 8-14 days, with a number of portages and some challenging terrain to negotiate en route.

Whichever option you choose, you should be prepared for some long land transports over rough terrain, many several hundred metres or more. You will normally find it necessary to cover each stretch twice, once carrying your canoes, once carrying rucksacks and other equipment. The weather will also play a part in your tour – you will need to plan for contingencies and be flexible in your arrangements, as windy conditions may mean it takes much longer than planned to make your way up some of the larger lakes.

But for your hard work you will be rewarded with a unique experience – the chance to explore a stunning wilderness area offering world-class canoeing, fishing and wild camping!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

If you are not sure if Rogen is for you, why not consider one of our other self-guided canoe tours in Sweden? We offer options with duration from 4-14 days, from family-friendly canoeing holidays suitable for families even with very young children up to more challenging extended tours in remote areas.

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