Kungsleden – Sweden’s most famous hiking trail

The Kungsleden in Lapland is Sweden’s best-known long distance trail and offers world-class possibilities for hiking tours and ski touring.

Extending for 440km from Abisko in the north south to Hemavan, the Kungsleden runs through some of Sweden’s most dramatic mountain and wilderness areas and is an ideal choice both for hiking tours in summertime and ski touring in the deep snows of the Lapland winter.

Photo: Håkan Hjort/Niac-photo

Contrary to popular belief, the Kungsleden (“King’s Trail” in English) is not named in connection with a Swedish king. The Kungsleden trail was created at the beginning of the 1900s with the aim of increasing the accessibility of the far north and allowing visitors to experience its dramatic beauty while at the same time preserving the wildness that makes Swedish Lapland so special.

Photo: STF Bildarkiv

Mountain cabins are spaced roughly a day’s walk or ski apart along the Kungsleden. The cabins offer simple but comfortable overnight accommodation and cooking facilities, and improve the accessibility of this wilderness region without detracting from its remote character.

Photo: STF Bildarkiv

Hiking or skiing the whole of the Kungsleden takes around 4 weeks, and participants normally do one of four one-week sections. The most popular section is the northern part of the Kungsleden, starting at Abisko and heading for the mighty Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain at 2105 metres above sea level. In summer, hiking on Kungsleden includes the option of a day ascent of Kebnekaise.

Photo: STF Bildarkiv

Nature Travels offers a range of experiences on the Kungsleden in both summer and winter:

  • Hiking on Kungsleden from Abisko to Kebnekaise is an 8-day guided hiking tour led by experienced local guide taking you through some of the region’s most beautiful areas. You can choose to add a day ascent of Kebnekaise as an optional extra.
  • An alternative and challenging option for those who love wild camping, our Sarek National Park Expedition also runs in this region. Kungsleden does not pass through Sarek (there are no paths or infrastructure of any kind in the park) but does skirt the edge of the park at Aktse.
  • In winter, Ski Touring on Kungsleden is an 8-day guided ski touring expedition following a similar route as the summer hiking tour from Abisko to Kebnekaise and is an ideal tour for those with some previous ski touring experience.
  • Starting at a different point on the Kungsleden, Discover Mountain Ski Touring in Lapland is an ideal choice if you have previous cross country skiing experience but do not have the level for an extended mountain tour.

Photo: Håkan Hjort/Niac-photo

Kungsleden is one of the world’s top long distance trails and is a “classic” route for hiking and ski touring – the wilds of Swedish Lapland are waiting!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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