Swedish trains are wonderful – but so are the buses!

Life is busy, and not everyone is able to find time to arrange their train tickets in advance and so get the best fares.

As discussed in our recent blog post about public transport in Sweden, Swedish rail operator SJ releases the most affordable tickets 90 days before travel. These fares are then sold on a “first come, first served” basis, meaning fares will tend to increase steadily the closer to your date of travel you book.

If you are able to make your train bookings well in advance, there are some excellent deals available. But for various reasons, this may not always be possible. Perhaps you are booking your holiday in Sweden at the last minute, or perhaps you have been meaning to get around to booking your train tickets for weeks but other things somehow took priority.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth considering the Swedish bus network as both a cost-effective and comfortable alternative. Sweden is a vast country, and its extensive rail network serves many destinations in even the remotest areas. But there are necessarily huge areas of the country where bus is by far the most frequent or convenient option.

Local bus services (on which we are always happy to advise clients travelling with us) are run by regional operators. Swebus – www.swebusexpress.se – operates regular coach services covering much of the country, with very affordable prices.

For example, if you are travelling from Gothenburg to Karlstad for one of our canoeing holidays in Sweden, current fares for one of the regular direct buses with Swebus cost just £15/adult/way and take around 4 hours.

To book your bus tickets with Swebus, go to www.swebusexpress.se. Click “English” in the top left corner and select your departure point and destination. You can then choose from a variety of ticket options (price depending on flexibility required). You can also call them on +46 (0)771 – 218 218.

You should also note that some bus connections, both Swebus services and local bus services, are listed as part of the timetable information when checking train connections on Swedish rail operator SJ’s website www.sj.se. When these services are listed, tickets for travel can also be purchased through the SJ website. This is often a very convenient way to buy a ticket valid for your whole journey right through to your final destination, perhaps combining the main part of a longer journey by train with the last section by bus. You may also find in some cases that Swebus may offer a more convenient service than the train for the outward journey, but that you wish to take a train for your return. Once again, as long as the bus services are listed by SJ you will be able to buy a ticket for both journeys at the SJ website.

Sweden is a wonderful country to travel in by public transport, whether you are taking a night train up north for one of our hiking holidays in Lapland or over to the Norwegian border for one of our dog sledding tours in Sweden, or a bus to the archipelago to go on a sea kayaking tour! And with Swebus, you can even leave it to the last minute to organise your journey and still get affordable fares!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team


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