Bushcraft in Sweden – putting theory into practice

The UK has seen an enormous increase in interest in bushcraft skills in recent years, largely thanks to the popular series of television programmes by Ray Mears. But you do not have to be an experienced wilderness adventurer like Ray to enjoy and practise the art of bushcraft – the skills and techniques are accessible to all ages and levels of experience. It’s the journey of discovery that counts!

Sweden is an excellent place in which to learn and practise bushcraft skills. Its vast areas of sparsely-populated mountains, lakes and forests provide an ideal environment for the bushcraft enthusiast. The forests are rich in edible plants and berries for foraging, while the clean lakes and rivers make for excellent fishing.

Perhaps even more importantly, Sweden’s Right of Public Access (see our previous blog article on this subject here) allows a unique freedom of access to the countryside, including the opportunity to camp wild. This means that extended expeditions into the wilderness with wild camping are possible and that bushcraft skills can be practised in precisely the environment they were intended for!

Nature Travels offers a range of experiences which give you the opportunity to learn and practise bushcraft in Sweden.

Our popular self-guided Canadian canoeing experiences are ideal for those wishing to develop their bushcraft skills in a natural wild setting. Ranging in length from 4 to 14 days, we offer canoe tours suitable for families with young children and more challenging expeditions aimed at those seeking an extended wilderness experience. These longer tours are also particularly suitable for groups, such as University Armed Forces and scout groups. Whichever tour you choose, all the canoe tours allow wild camping for the length of the route and fishing licence can be purchased to cover all of part of the route (depending on the tour).

For those wishing to combine a tour in the wilds with tuition in bushcraft skills and a chance to put into practice what you are taught, we have recently added an exciting new dedicated bushcraft experience. Bushcraft Canoe Tour on Revsund is suitable both for active families (minimum age 12 years) and for small groups. A 6-day private guided canoe tour with your own bushcraft guide and instructor! With accommodation in Laplandic tents or self-build shelters along the way, Bushcraft Canoe Tour on Revsund is the ideal way to learn and implement basic bushcraft skills. You will also have the chance to soothe your tired muscles with a session in a wood-heated sauna and lakeside “bathing barrel”!

Finally, for a real adventure in construction using only natural materials, why not try Timber Rafting on Klarälven? You will be taught how to build your very own raft using nothing but logs and rope, before taking to the river for 5 to 8 days of wild camping and Huckleberry Finn-style adventures! Not only a great chance to practise bushcraft skills, but an unbeatable exercise in teamwork!

For anyone interested in bushcraft and the outdoors, Sweden offers a range of opportunities hard to find anywhere else in Europe. For more details on our range of outdoor experiences in Sweden particularly suited to the practice of bushcraft skills, please see our website at www.naturetravels.co.uk/category-water.htm

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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