Get Exploring! – interactive mapping comes to

Nature Travels is proud to announce our new cutting-edge Interactive Map tool, giving an aerial overview of all Nature Travels wildlife, outdoor and adventure holidays in Sweden at a glance.


From My Maps to embedded maps

For some time now, Google Maps has had an enormously useful additional feature – the facility for users to customize maps with placemarks of their own. This My Maps feature has allowed users to interact with the Google Maps interface in a completely new way, creating personalised maps of everything from a world travel tour to the best places to buy ice-cream in London.

Various content can be added to each placemark, including text, pictures and even video. A pop-up displays the content when the marker is clicked. Being able to combine the enormous power of Google Maps with the ability to add personal customised content has proved hugely popular, but only quite recently has it become possible to embed My Maps in a website or blog, and only very recently has it become possible to do so reliably and easily. With this development the tool has become extremely useful to both tour operators and travellers. Where before users were forced to leave a site to navigate a map through the Google Maps interface, customised maps can now be embedded directly in web pages and blogs, giving the full functionality of Google Maps without the need to navigate away from the site you are viewing.

The Nature Travels interactive map feature

Sweden is a large and beautiful country, but its enormous range of outdoor holiday opportunities is surprisingly little-known. While some of our clients have a very clear idea what kind of experience they are looking for, many others are seeking inspiration, and our interactive map is an ideal and fun way to browse the wide variety of wildlife, outdoor and adventure holidays in Sweden we have available, with the ability to zoom in right down to street level with a choice of map, satellite or hybrid views. Clicking on each placemark will show a brief summary of the experience available at that location, including dates and prices. For full details, a complete list of links to the experiences is available down the left hand side of the page.


As transport networks become increasingly complex, a visual mapping system is an ideal way to find your way through the maze of possibilities for international and domestic connections. The Nature Travels map currently gives details of flights between the UK and Sweden, plus other useful connections to/from Norway and Dublin. With the growth of low-cost airlines, routes are being added all the time, and a visual map makes assessing the most convenient options much easier. As the concept develops, we are planning to add ferry and rail connections as well as other features to the map to further increase its usefulness.


Of course, the map is not only a map, but a full-featured route-finding tool, with the facility to display suggested routes and estimated travel times to/from or between any of our experiences. We hope that this will go a long way towards simplifying the planning process for our clients when travelling to and around Sweden.

How to make your own Google My Map

The joy of Google My Maps is that anyone can get involved, sharing information of almost any kind with the world. If you have been on a Nature Travels holiday to Sweden, you’re sure to have some wonderful tales to tell and some eye-catching photos (or even video) to share. Why not create your own Google My Map and share it with friends and family, or tell us about it and we’ll share it with the world?!


If you’d like to have a go at creating your own My Map, here’s how:

1. Go to
2. Click “Sign in” in the top right hand corner.
3. If you already have a Google account, log in as normal. If not, follow the steps to create your own free account.
4. Back on the maps page, click the “My Maps” tab on the left hand side.
5. Click “Create new map”.
6. Follow the online tutorials to help you create your first map!

If you’d like to embed your new map in your blog or website:
1. Click on “link to this page” in the top right hand corner of the map.
2. Choose “Paste HTML to embed in website” or click on “Customise and preview embedded map”.
3. Place the code into your website or blog and you have your very own map!
4. Alternatively, simply choose “Paste link in email” to send a link to your map to a friend.

Google My Maps opens up a world of possibilities for sharing your memories and experiences of travelling. So get exploring!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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