Värmland – the province of nature and culture

Värmland lies in the western part of middle Sweden, bordering Norway on its western edge and with the mighty lake of Vänern to the south. The region is renowned for its friendliness and is an ideal area for outdoor sports. From hiking in the deep forests to fishing in the clear waters, Värmland is a great place to spend an outdoor holiday in Sweden. It is sometimes called Sweden’s most southerly wilderness area, lying as it does on the border between the flatter fertile land to the south and the great wide open of Norrland to the north.


In the western part of Värmland there are mountainous areas with plateaus of between 500 and 700 metres, while further east lie the hilly forested expanses of Bergslagen. In these quiet forests live some of Sweden’s most exciting animals, including the elk, the lynx and the wolf.

Through the heart of Värmland runs the majestic and meandering Klarälven river, a gentle giant of a river ideal for timber rafting and canoeing holidays. The river Klarälven was used for centuries to transport logs to the paper mills. These days you will still see logs on the river waiting in log traps to be collected– but this time they come from dismantled timber rafts!

Photo: Hipfel/Starck

As well as timber rafting and canoeing, Nature Travels offers a wide variety of outdoor holidays in Värmland, including: Pike Fishing, Beaver Safaris, Multi-activity holidays at a country manor, birdwatching holidays to see the magnificent black and red-throated divers, and mushroom picking weekends, where you reap the bounty of the forest then receive expert tuition in preparing a delicious dinner from your find!

Photo: Staffan Widstrand

Värmland is a wild, beautiful and yet accessible area, with activities on offer to suit families with young children, wildlife enthusiasts, intrepid couples or experienced wilderness adventurers!


Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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