Hiking in Sweden – a walk on the wild side

Sweden is a wonderful destination for walking and trekking, with excellent hiking to be had the length and breadth of this vast country, from rich cultural heritage areas in the south to the wild expanses of the mountains to the north – a land of big skies, wide horizons and wild open spaces.

Despite its diversity, Sweden remains a largely undiscovered and little-known hiking destination for UK travellers. Did you know, for example, that Sweden has Europe’s largest area of wilderness? That summer temperatures rise to the high twenties? That a hiker in Sweden has the chance bathe in a lake, river, bay or stream almost every day?

Photo: Annika and Torkel Ideström

Whether your idea of a walking holiday is two weeks under canvas in the rugged pathless wilderness of Sarek National Park, or gentle day-tours through rolling meadows to end the day with a home-cooked farmhouse dinner, Sweden has something for everyone, from experienced trekkers to families with children.

Sweden has a number of well-marked and accessible long distance trails. There are around 50 major trails criss-crossing the country, and you can choose to end your day at a youth hostel, bed and breakfast, or small hotel, or pitch your own tent and camp wild. The better-known trails have mountain cabins spaced roughly a day’s walk apart. These may be manned or unmanned, and some may sell simple provisions, and though basic these cabins comfortable and usually surprisingly homely.

Photo: Annika and Torkel Ideström

Sweden is one of the few places left in Europe where it is possible to really escape from civilisation. Hiking in the Swedish mountains has been compared to walking in the Alps, Himalayas or Andes, but as the mountain ranges are much older than, for example, the Alps, the landscape has been eroded to produce the characteristic wide undulating mountain plains.

Photo: Anders Dahlin Naturfoto

Sweden has magnificent scenery, fresh air and clean water – and something very precious in the modern world: tranquility. You may find the silence broken only by the cry of an eagle, the hooting of an owl or the bark of an elk.

Photo: Anders Dahlin Naturfoto

With low-cost flights from many UK airports and an excellent public transport system, Sweden is both accessible and affordable, a perfect playground for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. Thanks to the “Every Man’s Right” system of public access, wild camping is possible throughout the country, allowing a unique freedom to explore the country’s large tracts of wilderness. True get-away-from-it-all experiences are possible in Sweden.

Photo: Anders Dahlin Naturfoto

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The Nature Travels Team

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