Nature Travels carbon offset partner ranked “Top Performing Retail Offset Provider”

Those of our clients who choose to fly when travelling with Nature Travels are given the opportunity to offset the carbon dioxide produced by their flight and therefore help to mitigate the environmental impact of their holiday. An offset for a London-Stockholm flight costs just £3.50, and while offsetting is not a panacea to the problems associated with flying, it is an invaluable tool in the fight against climate change.

Climate Care logo

Offsets are provided through our partnership with Climate Care, which was recently ranked best performing provider in four out of seven categories in a report produced Clean Air – Cool Planet, a leading US climate change NGO.

The report, entitled “A Consumer’s Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers” and the first of its kind, is designed to provide guidance to consumers who wish to choose a responsible and effective carbon offset scheme. The UK government has recently announced plans to introduce an industry standard for offset providers, to avoid the danger of “greenwash” and to ensure that consumers can be confident that their money is being well spent, a move which emphasizes the increasing public awareness of climate change and increasing public willingness to tackle the problem.


Climate Care was listed first in the following categories:
• Prioritisation of offset quality
• Buyer’s ability to transparently evaluate offset quality
• Transparency in provider operation and offset selection
• Provider’s understanding of the technical aspects of offset quality

It was also listed second for:
• Ancillary environmental and sustainable development benefits of offset portfolios
• Use of third-party protocols and certification

So, congratulations to Climate Care on being formally recognised for its work in combating climate change!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

Read more about Nature Travels’ ecotourism policy including information on our partnership with Climate Care.

Read more about Climate Care at

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