A warm welcome in the hillsides!

Mountain station wins environmental award for innovative heating system

The mountain station in the Grövel Lake area of Dalarna used for a number of our cross-country and hiking experiences has received the prestigious Royal Accommodation Award for Sustainable Tourism 2006. The awards, organised by the European Network for Sustainable Tourism Development and the EU project TourBench, are given for “major achievements towards more sustainable development in the tourist industry, including highly innovative measures to minimize environmental impacts.”


The mountain station, situated in an area which is covered in snow for much of the year, received the award for its unique new geothermal heating system. The lodge was also recognised for its organic cooking and range of ecotourism activities.

The criteria for entry into the competition are very strict. The facilities must carry an environmental certification or have received an environmental award. Working practices must be ecologically sound and entrants must have exceptional systems in place for reducing their ecological footprint. The business must contribute to sustainable development within the local region, for example by making use of locally-produced products.


“We have been working actively with environmental issues and long-term sustainable tourism…for 20 years. This prize demonstrates that it is not only our guests who appreciate our work,” said Charlie Ekberg, manager of the mountain station.

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