Vindelfjallen – undiscovered country

Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve…not only the largest nature reserve in Sweden, but one of the largest protected areas in the whole of Europe – more than half a million hectares!

Vindelfjällen lies in southern Lapland and contains vast areas of snow-capped peaks, mountain heathland, glaciers, pine and spruce forests. Wolverines (one of the Sweden’s rarest mammals), brown bears, lynx and the critically endangered Arctic fox are resident in Vindelfjällen, and the area is also home to a number of bird species, including the majestic golden eagle, gyrfalcon and great grey owl. In fact, Vindelfjällen is a hugely important refuge for a number of threatened Scandinavian species.

The Arctic fox is beginning a slow recovery thanks to intensive conservation efforts, and more than a hundred lairs are known in Vindelfjällen – many of these have been in use by Arctic foxes for hundreds of years and consequently have dozens of entrances. Arctic foxes are particulaly vulnerable because of their erratic breeding behaviour – they will only breed at times when prey, such as lemmings and other rodents, are abundant. Lemming populations explode and crash periodically and this affects fox breeding dramatically.

We offer two summer horse riding tours in Vindelfjällen suitable for all levels of experience taking you deep into the wilderness:

Skeble Mountain Tour

Vindel Mountains Expedition

Vindelfjällen is a stunning, inspiring area and largely unknown to many travellers – and ideal for discovering on horseback!

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team

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