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Sail on a Schooner

Calling all salty sea dogs! Does your heart yearn for life on the ocean wave? Do you long to feel the breeze through your hair? We have added an unusual and unforgettable summer experience – a journey back in time where you join the crew of a fully-restored Schooner on a voyage along the Baltic coast!

This experience is a modern-day voyage of discovery. Experience everything from setting sail, towing the sail and manoeuvering the ship to helping in the galley.

However, life on board is not all hard work. A large part of the time on board is spent relaxing, taking in the sea view and enjoying your time together with your fellow crew members.

The Schooner was built in Sjötorp, in Skaraborgs Län in 1915 from oak and pine. She is one of the many sailing merchant vessels that used to sail the Baltic. She was used for cargo until the mid 1960s, when she was bought by Egil and Kerstin Bergström and used as the family home until 1977.

Share an experience beyond the usual – navigating the Baltic in a Schooner under full sail! For more information about this experience please see: Sail on a Schooner: Navigating the Baltic

Best regards

The Nature Travels Team


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